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  1. roy speer says:

    I will not be renewing my "xm" subscription do to the fact that I have no interest in the price of "hogs" or the price of "corn" or "wheat" and the farm report does not interest me at all. I was a long time listener to "BOOK RADIO" AND "OLD TIME RADIO", and I personally think that Sirrius/Xm radio made a really big marketing mistake by dropping the channel. I was hoping they would reconsider their marketing position and strategy but they apparently have no interest is supplying a value to their product.

    • Cindy Mattingly says:

      I agree..I loved listening to that station and then it was gone. I only listen to 2 or 3 other stations so may not be renewing my Sirrius either after my next go around.

  2. Joe Bev says:

    Is the Radio Book channel now The Radio Theater Channel? Are you still running my The Joe Bev Hour Sunday edition? The schedule is not coming up:

  3. rich terry says:

    I loved listening to book radio, ever since it's been gone I listen to Old Time Radio but their selection of radio shows is pretty dismal to say the least. I listen to HLN murder mysteries but they repeat these shows all the time.......nothing new.

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