As of July 15 2013 SIRIUS XM Book Radio has been discontinued.

We would like to let you know that there is an alternative choice for you here on the Radio Book Channel.
For those of you who enjoy classic radio drama we have the Radio Theater Channel with a full schedule of the best radio drama from all the networks from the 1930's to the present.
Here you will find a schedule of audio books read daily as well as podcasts and newer radio drama. Check our schedule for details. If you have programming suggestions we would like to hear from you. So check out the Radio Book Channel and I think you will become a regular listener.
Alternative to the NOT on air anymore Sirius XM book radio channel.
Also please check out the Radio Theater Channel @ "RADIO THEATER CHANNEL"
Enjoy listening to either one or both.
Thanks for supporting "Oldtimeradiolisten.com" and "The Radiobookchannel.com".

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  1. Scott W. Hensley says:

    One more reason to drop your service

  2. Ona says:

    I left the country for 2 years. Before I left this was one of the only stations that I truly enjoyed. I renewed my contract only to find my favorite station gone. You are doing a diservice to loyal customers. I tried listening to your new book radio and all I can say is shame on you. I also checked the book radio schedule and there is no schedule listed. No worries. We will be cancelling your service soon.

  3. Ken Maroney says:

    This is the reason I dropped them. I drive a truck and cannot stream a site when moving.

  4. Meichell says:

    I am very disappointed that book radio has been discontinued. Radio classic is nice but I truly miss book radio. Where can I find radio theater on Sirius?

  5. Miss the Book Channel? I am still creating FIVE hours of radio a week and have 90 audio books out! Check out http://www.waterlogg.com/ for FREE audio!!

    Joe Bevilacqua has created more than 60 new Comedy-O-Rama Hours since leaving Sirius-XM. They can be heard on stations around the world, along with The Jazz-O-Rama Hour, The Joe Bev Experience, Cartoon Carnival and The Joe Bev Audio Theater under the collective The Joe Bev Hour,which airs five different shows per week--on [The Radio Book Channel http://radiobookchannel.com], [Dream Stream Radio http://www.dreamstreamradio.com/%5D, [Sound Stages Radio http://www.soundstagesradio.com/%5D, [WHRO-Norfolk, VA, The 1920s Radio Network http://www.the1920snetwork.com/%5D, [Toon Radio http://toonradio.com], [Pawling Public Radio http://www.pawlingpublicradio.org/%5D, [Radio New Zealand http://www.radionz.co.nz/%5D, and [WGTD, Wisconsin Public Radio http://www.wgtd.org/%5D.

  6. Sirius has stations that I feel that they dedicate to the younger listeners that the operation could have made room for people who love to hear books being read. It also gave a leg up to listeners who might like to read other authors that they would never get introduced to. I had hope that Sirius would keep the same line up that XM had. I lost book radio and the golf stations. Both of which made long trips seem shorter. You allow off color material to be put out over the airwaves, don't you think that you have people that enjoyed listening. You gave RFD a chance, I'll bet those people are thrilled that you have filled a niche for them. See if, in the future, you might have the ability to replace the stations. Think of the people that can't see and listen. They don't have many alternatives. Thank you

  7. Carol Ann says:

    Bring back the original Book Radio to XM and I will subscribe - it was my favorite channel!!

  8. Netta says:

    My favorite station in the world is gone without notice ........

  9. roy speer says:

    I WILL NOT BE RENEWING MY sirius/xm radio SUBSCRIPTION, DO TO THE LOSS OF CHANNEL 80 TO SOME FARM REPORT. I am not interested in the price of hogs, or wheat, or corn, or cattle. I know what it costs when I do my grocery shopping and do not need to be reminded of what it cost the farmers to bring to market. They are getting the short end of the stick the same way we are getting the short end of the stick by having "BOOK RADIO" removed from an already austere schedule and how many people listen to "BOOK RADIO", perhaps marketing should take a look at NPR numbers. People that enjoy and support National Public Radio also listen to "BOOK RADIO", LOTS OF US. "FOR SHAME", "FOR SAME", sirius radio. One bright spot on an otherwise bleak schedule is "REMOVED", what marketing genius thought up that one.

  10. Mary says:

    I hate Sirius XM for taking away my emotional relaxation. The rest of their channels are garbage.

  11. Wendy says:

    BRING BACK BOOK RADIO! it was the main reason I subscribed last year, only to find it disappeared a few months later. Renew? maybe, maybe not.

  12. Glen McCall says:

    My wife said, "What would you like for Christmas?" Sirius, was my answer, so that I can listen to books while driving. NO MORE BOOKS - NO MORE NEED FOR SIRIUS.

  13. tom chambers says:

    Bring back book radio

  14. Curtis Numberg says:

    I will not renew unless there is a book channel! So much crap and no books on tape! See you.

  15. Bill Dennen says:

    2 cars with Sirius/XM and online all so I could listen to Greg Bell and Classic Radio. My wife lives by Met Opera Radio. No need to pay for it in my car or on my computer with no Classic Radio. Trucking with it was a blessing 24/7 , coast to coast. Not anymore, if you underhandedly pull the plug on "The Met" then we will pull the plug on all of it. Good move Sirius, that is how to build subscribers

  16. Larry says:

    You need to bring back the book channel, and drop some of this other crap like rural doctor, and stupid Joel olsen,

  17. William Dorsey says:

    Can you pleeeasse combine radio classic with sonic theater. I love harry nile and ruby the galactic gumshoe. And twilight zone and once I've was listening to the beginning of the remake of Orson Welles war of the world's but it was too long for my car ride , satellite radio should have an on demand format for this

  18. Rich Larsen says:

    I listened to many books on book radio when driving truck. Was something I looked forward to each day even though I loathed my job. Have recently been thinking about some of the books I enjoyed the most & would like to buy them but do not remember the titles. Is there an archive site I can go to to try & find those audio books ? Thank you.

  19. Trula Haflett says:

    Book Radio made driving almost a pleasure. I've purchased several books after hearing short excerpts, also sat in driveways and parking lots, unwilling to turn it off. What a shock to find it just gone. Bring it back, please!

  20. Pat Charles says:

    I cancelled because i was told without notice that xm book radio was no more. Stupid Move! I wish there was a competitor that offered something stimulating like book radio!

  21. Victoria Stariha says:

    I like Joel Osteen, but would like additional teaching options and more selection for Christian music (versus for instance country, rock, pop, and even comedy). Ever heard of Toby Mac?

    I didn’t have Sirius XM when there were books on tape. Agree with comrades, its a doggone shame it is no longer offered.

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