As of July 15 2013 SIRIUS XM Book Radio has been discontinued.

We would like to let you know that there is an alternative choice for you here on the Radio Book Channel.
For those of you who enjoy classic radio drama we have the Radio Theater Channel with a full schedule of the best radio drama from all the networks from the 1930's to the present.
Here you will find a schedule of audio books read daily as well as podcasts and newer radio drama. Check our schedule for details. If you have programming suggestions we would like to hear from you. So check out the Radio Book Channel and I think you will become a regular listener.
Alternative to the NOT on air anymore Sirius XM book radio channel.
Also please check out the Radio Theater Channel @ "RADIO THEATER CHANNEL"
Enjoy listening to either one or both.
Thanks for supporting "Oldtimeradiolisten.com" and "The Radiobookchannel.com".

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I was giving some thought to various ways and means of reaching out from one mind to many. Working backward from the polished productions that we see everyday on television, the movies, on stage and even music these ideas all start on paper ( or it's modern equivalent on the computer). In a sense the written word is the fountainhead. The purest most complete form of any work is when the original formulation of the ideas are developed into the works of art that we will eventually enjoy.

In this sense our Book Channel slogans "there is a world of ideas in books" & "where print comes to life" rings true.

Structurally you must first put pen to paper ( or fingers to keyboard) to get an idea out of your mind. Next step, look at that content, read it and see if it parses, if it makes sense, if it makes your point. You write and edit until you have your best presentation of your ideas.
To conclude our example our author continues to create his manuscript. Submits it to the publisher and a new book is born.

This book will be the best, fullest and most detailed presentation of the story or ideas presented by the author. When this book is made into a movie the book will have to be rewritten into a screenplay that leaves out parts of the (books) story leaving out some of what the author thought important enough to included in the book.
In television we add to the compromises of the screen play to the limitations of time and the need to reach a mass audience. That will require subtletys of the story and complicated or unpopular ideas will have to be removed from the story and the story simplified to make a successful teleplay. Other then reading the book yourself the purest form of translating an authors work is to listen to an audiobook.

An unabridged audiobook presents the full, un-modified book. Every word presented exactly as the author had intended.

To conclude with another of our slogans " Let us do the reading for you on the Radio Book Channel.

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You could spend all day listening next to your bookshelf and not hear a thing. That's not the way to listen to your books. Your books have a lot to say to you. So give your eyes a rest and go the the Radio Book Channel. Now we hear those books loud and clear. Fiction, romance, mysteries & science fiction stories. The classics of literature to new fiction it's all here in serialized hour long programs.

We feature eight hours a day, seven days a week of new content. On the weekends there are podcasts on the schedule as well as classic old time radio programs from Lux Radio Theater and their one hour versions of classic movies for your ear.
Information Please, a contest to test your knowledge and much more.

So come give your books a listen today on the Radio Book Channel.

Start listening to your audiobooks on the RBC.

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Welcome to the Radiobookchannel


We stream new and classic audiobooks and podcasts 24 hours a day, seven day's a week. Our broadcast day begins at midnight Eastern time and is repeated at noon Eastern. Each day features 12 hours of new content.
Click on the schedule tab for program details.
Listen to your favorite audiobook or podcast at the same hour Monday through Friday
as the story continues on a hour per day basis, chapter by chapter.
Saturday and Sunday feature other great programs.
Check our rating's on the schedule for the show or listen at the start of each program to avoid surprises. And above all - ENJOY.
We hope you like the station and visit us often then spread the word. And remember there is a world of idea's in books, books are on the radio book channel.


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